18 okt. 2010

Visiting Stockholm

Hello, dear stalkers!

Today I went to Stockholm in order to participate a audition arranged by Movie mall, one of Sweden's leading casting organizers.The audition was about playing a boyfriend and then eat dinner with the family. No lines. And of course, it's a German commercial.

But thats not the best about it! The best is that if I get the part, I'll fly down to Hamburg for 3 days, and I'll receive 500 euro (!) each day. But hold your horses! I'll also get 50% of the daily pay (250 euro that is) in order to get around Hamburg. And if the commercial gets successful, I'll get another 100% of the payment! In other words, that is... a lot of money!

This is me, getting all excited over it! Notice how I'm still able to keep it cool.

Wish my luck on getting the role!

Jonathan's Swedish School: For those who didn't know, Stockholm is Sweden's capital and inhabits around 1 million people. Stock means log and a holm is a very small island. Legend says that a couple of men sent some logs down river and that they'd build a city wherever the logs would strand ashore. And that's how Sweden's capital came to be!

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  1. wow sounds like it'll be a lot of fun, enjoy your trip

  2. Good luck bro. Cant wait to see you on TV :P

  3. Thanks for the support, everyone! ^_^

  4. Wow that is really cool! hope you do well


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