16 okt. 2010

Poker Idol

All I can say is; wihooooooo! Guess who got the supportive actor part in PokerIdol's new commercial? A hint: he loves grapes.

I'm so excited I can't express in words. Tomorrow Sunday I'll take the train to Stockholm to try out my geeky outfit, because I'm gonna play the geeky one who always counts his cards and is 3 steps ahead. Until then, gotta practice my poker face.

Jonathan's Swedish school: Supportive character is statist in Swedish. Repeat after me, everyone!

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  1. Skicka en kommentar...

    ugh.. what language is this?

  2. Haha sorry, It's swedish :P You'll learn another language when you visit my blog, inventive right?

  3. I loves grapes. It must be me. I'm so proud of myself.


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