19 okt. 2010

Home again

It's been a busy day, I've been awoke about 20 hours but oh has it been worth it! I've been part of a poker commercial, got to eat lots of tasty food, missed the train and got pissed and later on participated in my class's theater sport and it was great!

Here are some pictures from the studio (me playing paparazzi on myself). So the stylist made me top notch and this was the end result:

Shirt from H&M, glasses from... meh I dunno, some place. I had hoped my make over would be finished by then but boy, was I wrong. In the end, this was the sexy bitch I turned into:

5th November, thats when the commercials gonna be released at www.pokeridol.com. Can't wait to see it!

Jonathan's Swedish School: H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a Swedish fashion company founded by Erling Persson. At the beginning it was only called Hennes (meaning ""hers", because they only sold women's clothing) but later on they joined forces with a man called Mauritz Widfors, hence the change of name. The person who now owns H&M, Stefan Persson, is the 13th richest person in the world.

10 kommentarer:

  1. I'm no woman, but the first one look kind of nice in an attractive suave nerdy kind of way :P

  2. you think so? Well thanks a bunch, thats sweet said ^-^

  3. that second picture makes me think of the word "derp" immediately :P

  4. I like your hair better in the first one.

  5. Yeah, the first one looks better.

  6. Haha! DERP! awsomeness :D


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