28 okt. 2010

This weekends special; Nanne Grönwall!

A lov (holiday) is coming right up this week, and I simply can't wait for it. Not only does it mean zero homework, but also my friend and I got tickets to a concert hosting the most amazing woman on the planet, Nanne Grönwall! Oh my lord, my childhood dream's coming true; I'm finally going to meet the only one and only woman in my life!

But first, some pictures of me and my friend:

If you haven't heard about about Nanne Grönwall, don't fret. Since she is the most incredible example of the female gender, I'm going to post two of her greatest songs. I can't wait to hear them live!

If you're interested in AMV's, you've probably heard her song Håll om mig (Hold me). A fan made video featuring her song won the Best Action and Best Of Show during the Boston anime music video contest 2006.

And this one's just awesome. It's called Avundsjuk (envious) and she sings how envious she is of her friend. Please, by all means, enjoy!

27 okt. 2010

I love great music!

I mentioned previously that I've grown an awesome new appetite towards retro stuff, so I thought I'd share a little something which I've grown quite fond of: Lily Allen makes really catchy music, after her hit Fuck you (very much) I simply can't get enough of her. But I don't know if she is as retro as this music video makes makes her appear to be. Anyways, enjoy her little brother Alfie!

By the way, do you know of any great retro songs? I feel a need to expand my retro-song-list, so here's your chance to make an impression on Jonathan Svensken Amador. Take your chance!

25 okt. 2010

Debate: should English be the one and only dominant language?

Let me give you some background before we plunge into this very controversial question:
The Swedish nationella proven (national tests) are approaching rapidly. It's big, like really big. I guess you can imagine. This years theme is The possibilities of language and we can basically write about whatever we want to, as long as it's relevant to the topic. So I decided to write about the English dominance over the other languages around the world.

The problem is, I don't know where to start! Sure, there are pros and cons on every subject, this one's no exception. If everyone spoke English we'd all understand each other, and that would be great! But won't the other languages decline if English receives the spotlight in elementary school? What will happen to each countries national identity?

This is me, trying my hardest to find the answer!
So everyone, debate. Should the world convert into an English spoken one, or should each country preserve its own language and culture? Share your opinion!

23 okt. 2010

Todays lack of humanity; Ugandians against homosexuals

I can't believe I'm reading a story like this. In the freaking 21th century! Sometimes I wonder where humanity is heading. We have so much good to strive for, so much potential to make this world a place where everyone wants to live. And then this shit happens:

"top homos"? What the hell does that mean?

If you haven't heard about it, Uganda has in recent years tried to enforce a gay bill law stating that if a gay person is caught he should be hanged or sent to jail for life. All this has been caused by American Evangelicals who delude and spread lies throughout all of Africa. Some of the things they say is that homosexuals "bribe" children into becoming gay, and that they will organize "raids" on local schools.

It pains me so much that there are people who believe this. All of this that the Evangelicals say is lies! Why should homosexuals have to defend them self because of who they love? How can love do harm? I don't understand and never will because to me, this that the Evangelicals try to do, is pure evil.

If we have to constantly struggle in order to let everyone receive the rights which they deserve, so be it. We have to remind the world, every day, that love can never do harm and therefore it shouldn't be limited. I want my children to grow up in a society where gay rights are as obvious as the right for food. Hail gay rights!

22 okt. 2010

Holy shit; A movie about Swedish gods!

I couldn't believe it when I saw it, but now I know for certain; they're finally going to do a movie about the Scandinavian (Also know as the Swedish) gods! This is like my childhood dream coming true. Hollywood's done these wonderful movies about Greek, Egyptian, Chinese and lords know what kind of mythologies, but never have hey touched anything related to my cold northern motherland. But now, here it is!

I just hope they stay true to the legends and don't make some freaking jippo out of it. If they do, they will feel the wrath of Jonathan!

Jonathan's Swedish School: Homosexuality wasn't accepted during the Viking Age here in Scandinavia, it was considered shameful to "submit like a woman". Despite that, our mythology is filled with gay themes. For instance, to kill a giant Thor dressed himself in womens clothing in order to fool the giant and therefore deliver the killing blow. Even the father of all gods, Odin, became the receptive partner once. And Loki transformed himself into a mare and gave later on birth to all the hideous monsters you hear about in our folklore. So suck on that, Masculinity; the most masculine mythology existing is filled with gay stuff. Ha!

Making the world a better place; stop saying NO

During my drama lessons, we are constantly told by our teacher:
"Don't say no! Help each others ideas grow! Say yes! Damn you all, say yes!"
- Cecilia Byttner, drama teacher

In the beginning, I thought her philosophy was only going to help us out on the stage. But it's done more than that to me. When I talk with my friends and family I have, or almost completely, stopped saying no and not. And it feels great.

On the opposite, whenever I hear someone say no, it leaves me with a tiny negative feeling. I didn't realize it before but we live in a society that is so accustomed to the word "NO!" that no one reacts on it anymore. 

Of course some situations demands a straight out NO, if a rapist came up to me and said he would f**k me hard in the a**, yes would not be the first thing popping into my mind. Or would it...
But if we started using the word no less and yes more, I really think the world would become a better place. Because face it, the positive human emotions like laughing and staying glad sure beats the negative ones like grumpy and pessimist.

So people, lets stop using this:

And lets bring a little more of this:

Notice my tiny leopard ring. It's my precious!

Jonathan's Swedish School: ja means yes in Swedish. You've probably heard it before, lots of movies have at least one big breasted blond bimbo saying JA! in a very high pitched voice. And thats totally how we say it! Why? Because its fun to raise the word like a roller coaster going up hill. So everyone, say after me: JAAA...! A synonym to ja is the word naturligtvis (naturligt means naturally and vis means way, so you're literally saying "oh, naturally way!". I guess the English word for it is of course.), and the word really rolls around in your moth like smooth chocolate.

21 okt. 2010

Getting a feeling of retro

I don't know, but when I see me wearing these clothes something happens inside of me. I've started to spend more time on this blog, I constantly look for retro stuff like clothes and songs, and today I ordered sushi for lunch, which I generally hate. It was delicious!

I have no idea if these thing are connected, but they all seem pretty weird. The one I can cope with the most is the retro part. Sometimes, a gaze backward leaves you with a sense of steadiness and only then are you able to move forward with a full strength pace. I hope I don't speak in riddles and make myself look like a clown.

One artist which I've fallen in love with is Pauline, a Swedish dark skinned artist which I discovered at the Eurovision Song Contest. Her voice is like creamy chocolate, oh I can't get enough of it. Please, take a moment to enjoy her jolly attitude:

Jonathan's Swedish School: Eurovision Song Contest is, like the name says, an annual competition here in Europe where each country participate with a song representing them. I personally love the whole Eurovision-franchise, and so do Sweden (we and Malta are the ones who arrange big events during the contest). It's worth mentioning that it's the biggest song competition in the world. Sorry, USA, your MTV has nothing against our over 50-year-old tradition! Suck on that one.

Keith Johnstone is the founder of improvising theater

"Those who say Yes are rewarded by the adventures they have, and those who say No are rewarded by the safety they attain."
- Keith Johnstone

Keith Johnstone. The improvising King. The guru of spontaneousness. The God of theater sports!

Today we're gonna have our final theater sports show, and it feels... kinda okay. I'm gonna sit by the light n' sound, laughing my ass of as my classmates get it on upon the stage. I'm gonna miss the lessons, because they have done the time of my life. Everyone who hasn't tried improvising sports, seek out your nearest drama school: it will enlighten you forever!

And to those who haven't heard of this wonderful subject, here's a clip that explains it all. You might recognize it:


Going to the theater with my swedish "girlfriends"

Hello, everyone! Yesterday we went to the theater to watch the Broadway show 33 variations. It's a play about a woman who doesn't have much time left to live due to an illness who decides to go down to Germany to study Beethoven last work, his 33 variations. It was pretty good, very artistic and deep.

However, from a certain point of view that's not important! Because the main topic could be that I went there to chill and hang out with my "girlfriends". And your dirty mind knows what that means, right? Aha, you know what I'm talking about!

Unfortunately, that is not the case of me, since me and my friends are "normal" people. When we arrived, this was how we generally looked like:

Well, at least we are able to keep it sexy!

Bye to you all, leave a comment if you like

20 okt. 2010

Commercials doing it right!

I've been thinking a lot about commercials lately. It can be a great spice on daily TV, or it can simply be painful to watch. How do you do it right?

Japan is a country who doesn't know the meaning of subtle commercials. Since that doesn't bother me, I love watching them getting it on. Come on, who doesn't want to join Fit's jolly dance?

Nyan nyan nyan! Come on, everyone sing with me!

19 okt. 2010

Home again

It's been a busy day, I've been awoke about 20 hours but oh has it been worth it! I've been part of a poker commercial, got to eat lots of tasty food, missed the train and got pissed and later on participated in my class's theater sport and it was great!

Here are some pictures from the studio (me playing paparazzi on myself). So the stylist made me top notch and this was the end result:

Shirt from H&M, glasses from... meh I dunno, some place. I had hoped my make over would be finished by then but boy, was I wrong. In the end, this was the sexy bitch I turned into:

5th November, thats when the commercials gonna be released at www.pokeridol.com. Can't wait to see it!

Jonathan's Swedish School: H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a Swedish fashion company founded by Erling Persson. At the beginning it was only called Hennes (meaning ""hers", because they only sold women's clothing) but later on they joined forces with a man called Mauritz Widfors, hence the change of name. The person who now owns H&M, Stefan Persson, is the 13th richest person in the world.

At the studio!

It rained like a shower when we arrive at the studio. I'm so freaking excited. We haven't started shooting yet, but I can't get my eyes of the green screen and all the stage lights. It's all so huge! I just got my clothes and my maker up done, and soon lunch will be served - take away spicy Thai. Everything is oh so fabulous right now!

I'll post some pics later today. Until then, have a nice evening!

Acting paparazzi at the studio, I just had to take a picture of it. You can't imagine how huge it was!

18 okt. 2010

Who's line inspires

This is, without a doubt, a constant source of inspiration: Who's line is it anyway!

I'm attending my 3'd year as a drama student and that means that we'll start doing improvising sketches. Fitting that I just found out about this wonderful show. If you already know it, you can imagine why I look forward to Mondays. and if you don't know what this is, boy have you been missing something! But fear not, because here you have it: Who's line is it anyway? Enjoy!

Jonathan's Swedish School: Swedish School system likes to divide everything with 3. Grundskolan (meaning ground school which is our elementary school) last 9 years, where you study 3 years at g- (low) 3 years at mellan- (middle) and 3 years at högstadiet (high stadium). Then we study another 3 years at the gymnasium to earn a characteristic degree. 3's are all over the place!

Visiting Stockholm

Hello, dear stalkers!

Today I went to Stockholm in order to participate a audition arranged by Movie mall, one of Sweden's leading casting organizers.The audition was about playing a boyfriend and then eat dinner with the family. No lines. And of course, it's a German commercial.

But thats not the best about it! The best is that if I get the part, I'll fly down to Hamburg for 3 days, and I'll receive 500 euro (!) each day. But hold your horses! I'll also get 50% of the daily pay (250 euro that is) in order to get around Hamburg. And if the commercial gets successful, I'll get another 100% of the payment! In other words, that is... a lot of money!

This is me, getting all excited over it! Notice how I'm still able to keep it cool.

Wish my luck on getting the role!

Jonathan's Swedish School: For those who didn't know, Stockholm is Sweden's capital and inhabits around 1 million people. Stock means log and a holm is a very small island. Legend says that a couple of men sent some logs down river and that they'd build a city wherever the logs would strand ashore. And that's how Sweden's capital came to be!

The greates love story ever told

I love visiting the theatre, trying to do it as often as I can, and now they've putted up a show called Anna Karenina: the greatest love story ever told. I'm not a romance type of guy, but I'm thinking about getting some tickets. If only to watch a "love story" who isn't Twi-fucking-light where psychopaths are portrayed as caring and loving husbands-to-be.
Anyone who want to join me?

Old Spice

"Hello, ladies. Look at your man, now back to me!"

This is for everyone who hasn't seen this wonderful commercial. Yes, I'm talking about all my friends who I know in real life. Since I'm a drama student, I immediately wonder how this would look on stage. With me in the center. Could you imagine this sexy motherfucker getting it on?

Oh I think you do!

Jonathan's Swedish School: I am on a horse in Swedish would be jag (I) sitter (sit)(on) en (a) häst (horse). If you wonder how Ää is pronounced, try saying a and e really fast together. Ae. Then you got ä. Good. Now repeat after me: jag sitter på en häst!

17 okt. 2010

A guild of magic

I take pride in my reading, writing and admiration of proper art. When I was younger I thought that was equal to a techno-hater,. Oh how I was wrong, because I found a game which combines my interests and more!

You have to look hard to find a game who is Guild Wars equal in beauty and art. Soon the sequel, Guild Wars 2, is going to be released. I can't wait!

Anyone else who plays GW?

New day

Hello, folks! Just woke up, and this is how I feel right now:

Sort of. I'm not really sure how I know that that is my feeling right now, but if my feeling could be show on a picture, this would be the one.
I'm so nervous about the costume tryout for the commercial. And it's only a costume tryout! I wonder how I will feel when they are going to start recording. Gah!
And I checked out the address where they are going to prepare the supportive actors. It's some weird back alley street in Stockholm away from the central parts. No, I shouldn't start get paranoid, that won't help me. But maybe I should bring a knife. Just in case. You an never be to sure.

What a wonderful start of this brand new day!

Socialism vs. Capitalism

"Do we want America to become Sweden?"
Well, what do you think? Myself, I find the answer quite clear. Comment if you like!

16 okt. 2010

Poker Idol

All I can say is; wihooooooo! Guess who got the supportive actor part in PokerIdol's new commercial? A hint: he loves grapes.

I'm so excited I can't express in words. Tomorrow Sunday I'll take the train to Stockholm to try out my geeky outfit, because I'm gonna play the geeky one who always counts his cards and is 3 steps ahead. Until then, gotta practice my poker face.

Jonathan's Swedish school: Supportive character is statist in Swedish. Repeat after me, everyone!

Jonathan's guide to inspiration

Pour yourself a cup of tea, turn on a open fire, get cozy in the couch; these are a few ways of getting into the mood required to write a wonderful story. At least for me. When I joined a 2-week-long writing campus we lived near a beautiful lake and near it stood one of Sweden's oldest castles. But that didn't inspire me much.

Instead, I turn to the more subtle aura around me. Fragrance and soft clothes are a few to be mentioned. And just recently, I discovered a band called Freshlyground, who does wonders to my imagination. You may recognize them from Waka Waka where they sung together with Shakira. They sure are my cup of tea!

A cup of tea

"Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter"
- Oscar Wilde

I love writing, it's always been my passion. I don't know what I would do without my precious words and the beautiful languages that exist in the world. But sometimes you run out of ideas and your creative mind comes to a halt.

Sometimes I drive into a ditch, and rarely I find myself without any means of getting out. So I ask you, dear reader; what do you do to get your creativity spinning?

I sometimes eat grapes. I sometimes listen to Enya. But nothing beats a cup of tea.

(To those wondering about the text on my shirt, "Knark är bajs" means drug is poo. Hope no one is offended!)

Jonathan's reading: Anthony Horowitz's book for youths

Because I want to raise my English grades, I've decided to start writing almost everything on my blog in English. But since I love cultural collisions, I'll sometimes write using my oh so sweet mother language, if only to learn those U.S Americans a thing or two about Scandinavia.

Since I love reading and love reading review, I'm gonna write down all my thoughts about the books that I've read, that I'm reading or which I'm gonna start read in a near future. So here it goes!

Necropolis, by Anthony Horowitz

This is the fourth book in the Power of Five series, and I must say its got some pretty horrifying moments. And I mean that in a good way, since its a young adults horror book. Though it doesn't measure up to the first novel, Raven's Gate, its a pretty close call. With only 360 pages, I recommend it to anyone who loves reading and fantasy!

Första inlägget

Då så! Då har bloggandet börjat igen för min del, och jag kan säga att jag saknade denna virtuella värld mer eller mindre. Ni kanske känner igen mig från mitt tidigare bloggande på qruiser.com (teatergucka), eller så känner ni igen mig som den flummiga killen som ibland ränner omkring på Uppsalas gator, eller så känner ni inte igen mig alls.

Hur det än är så - välkommen! The bitch is back with his grapes