21 okt. 2010

Going to the theater with my swedish "girlfriends"

Hello, everyone! Yesterday we went to the theater to watch the Broadway show 33 variations. It's a play about a woman who doesn't have much time left to live due to an illness who decides to go down to Germany to study Beethoven last work, his 33 variations. It was pretty good, very artistic and deep.

However, from a certain point of view that's not important! Because the main topic could be that I went there to chill and hang out with my "girlfriends". And your dirty mind knows what that means, right? Aha, you know what I'm talking about!

Unfortunately, that is not the case of me, since me and my friends are "normal" people. When we arrived, this was how we generally looked like:

Well, at least we are able to keep it sexy!

Bye to you all, leave a comment if you like

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