20 okt. 2010

Commercials doing it right!

I've been thinking a lot about commercials lately. It can be a great spice on daily TV, or it can simply be painful to watch. How do you do it right?

Japan is a country who doesn't know the meaning of subtle commercials. Since that doesn't bother me, I love watching them getting it on. Come on, who doesn't want to join Fit's jolly dance?

Nyan nyan nyan! Come on, everyone sing with me!

9 kommentarer:

  1. The less sickening commercials, to me at least are usually the ones that do not have flawless housewives prancing around their kitchens, joyfully cleaning everything or perfect, cutesy little families that eat their meals together around a clean table and chuckle heartily at each other days.
    Because that shit doesn't happen, and also; yeah, Japanese commercials kinda leave me momentarily stunned.

  2. I feel dirty after watching those commercials.

  3. i feel more like dancing then chewing gum after those commercials

  4. lol go check nyan nyan song

  5. I wish all commercials were fun like that. Most of the commercials they have now only make me facepalm. This one made my day :)


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