22 okt. 2010

Making the world a better place; stop saying NO

During my drama lessons, we are constantly told by our teacher:
"Don't say no! Help each others ideas grow! Say yes! Damn you all, say yes!"
- Cecilia Byttner, drama teacher

In the beginning, I thought her philosophy was only going to help us out on the stage. But it's done more than that to me. When I talk with my friends and family I have, or almost completely, stopped saying no and not. And it feels great.

On the opposite, whenever I hear someone say no, it leaves me with a tiny negative feeling. I didn't realize it before but we live in a society that is so accustomed to the word "NO!" that no one reacts on it anymore. 

Of course some situations demands a straight out NO, if a rapist came up to me and said he would f**k me hard in the a**, yes would not be the first thing popping into my mind. Or would it...
But if we started using the word no less and yes more, I really think the world would become a better place. Because face it, the positive human emotions like laughing and staying glad sure beats the negative ones like grumpy and pessimist.

So people, lets stop using this:

And lets bring a little more of this:

Notice my tiny leopard ring. It's my precious!

Jonathan's Swedish School: ja means yes in Swedish. You've probably heard it before, lots of movies have at least one big breasted blond bimbo saying JA! in a very high pitched voice. And thats totally how we say it! Why? Because its fun to raise the word like a roller coaster going up hill. So everyone, say after me: JAAA...! A synonym to ja is the word naturligtvis (naturligt means naturally and vis means way, so you're literally saying "oh, naturally way!". I guess the English word for it is of course.), and the word really rolls around in your moth like smooth chocolate.

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  1. Lol awesome post, reminds me of my improv daaaays. I hate whenever you try to take it somewhere and your partner/group keeps refusing everything.

  2. Nah, i'm a skeptic, can't turn into a yes men if you're not one...
    swedish sounds so much like german... "naturligt - naturlich"
    I would like to learn it after i master german.

  3. reminds me of the YES MAN movie

  4. The only problem is that you still need to say no to the bad stuff :P

  5. You get it, Jessika! :D
    Flav, Sweden is Germany's little bitch, so you'll easily learn my language after you've learned German ;)

  6. do you really think learning swedish is that easy?
    german here, maybe i should have a look at that language once!

  7. COol, but do you remember the Movie "Yes" ? xD


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