18 okt. 2010

Who's line inspires

This is, without a doubt, a constant source of inspiration: Who's line is it anyway!

I'm attending my 3'd year as a drama student and that means that we'll start doing improvising sketches. Fitting that I just found out about this wonderful show. If you already know it, you can imagine why I look forward to Mondays. and if you don't know what this is, boy have you been missing something! But fear not, because here you have it: Who's line is it anyway? Enjoy!

Jonathan's Swedish School: Swedish School system likes to divide everything with 3. Grundskolan (meaning ground school which is our elementary school) last 9 years, where you study 3 years at g- (low) 3 years at mellan- (middle) and 3 years at högstadiet (high stadium). Then we study another 3 years at the gymnasium to earn a characteristic degree. 3's are all over the place!

10 kommentarer:

  1. lol great clip sverige, keep it up

  2. As a drama student how have you only discovered this? You got a lottt of catching up to do :p

    So so funny. WLIIA is so pro

  3. Well, I'm a Swedish drama student, so we are kinda on our own discovering other cultural show :P what other stuff have I been missing?

  4. Whose Line is it Anyway, I miss it. So much!

  5. I miss that show...........so much!


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