28 okt. 2010

This weekends special; Nanne Grönwall!

A lov (holiday) is coming right up this week, and I simply can't wait for it. Not only does it mean zero homework, but also my friend and I got tickets to a concert hosting the most amazing woman on the planet, Nanne Grönwall! Oh my lord, my childhood dream's coming true; I'm finally going to meet the only one and only woman in my life!

But first, some pictures of me and my friend:

If you haven't heard about about Nanne Grönwall, don't fret. Since she is the most incredible example of the female gender, I'm going to post two of her greatest songs. I can't wait to hear them live!

If you're interested in AMV's, you've probably heard her song Håll om mig (Hold me). A fan made video featuring her song won the Best Action and Best Of Show during the Boston anime music video contest 2006.

And this one's just awesome. It's called Avundsjuk (envious) and she sings how envious she is of her friend. Please, by all means, enjoy!

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