21 okt. 2010

Keith Johnstone is the founder of improvising theater

"Those who say Yes are rewarded by the adventures they have, and those who say No are rewarded by the safety they attain."
- Keith Johnstone

Keith Johnstone. The improvising King. The guru of spontaneousness. The God of theater sports!

Today we're gonna have our final theater sports show, and it feels... kinda okay. I'm gonna sit by the light n' sound, laughing my ass of as my classmates get it on upon the stage. I'm gonna miss the lessons, because they have done the time of my life. Everyone who hasn't tried improvising sports, seek out your nearest drama school: it will enlighten you forever!

And to those who haven't heard of this wonderful subject, here's a clip that explains it all. You might recognize it:


7 kommentarer:

  1. Cool! and about the phrase...so everyone is rewarded????

  2. TV used to be funny before MTV and all this new sh*t

  3. Ishu, what phrase? Good thing you like it people! :D

  4. Robin Williams = Amazing.. haha... Didn't know he went platinum though. This sketch was hilarious.


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