16 okt. 2010

Jonathan's reading: Anthony Horowitz's book for youths

Because I want to raise my English grades, I've decided to start writing almost everything on my blog in English. But since I love cultural collisions, I'll sometimes write using my oh so sweet mother language, if only to learn those U.S Americans a thing or two about Scandinavia.

Since I love reading and love reading review, I'm gonna write down all my thoughts about the books that I've read, that I'm reading or which I'm gonna start read in a near future. So here it goes!

Necropolis, by Anthony Horowitz

This is the fourth book in the Power of Five series, and I must say its got some pretty horrifying moments. And I mean that in a good way, since its a young adults horror book. Though it doesn't measure up to the first novel, Raven's Gate, its a pretty close call. With only 360 pages, I recommend it to anyone who loves reading and fantasy!

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  1. kommentarer = comment! I'm already learning! Following you

  2. Awesome, you'll learn Swedish in no time ;) vice versa

  3. cool, thanks for sharing that!


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