21 okt. 2010

Getting a feeling of retro

I don't know, but when I see me wearing these clothes something happens inside of me. I've started to spend more time on this blog, I constantly look for retro stuff like clothes and songs, and today I ordered sushi for lunch, which I generally hate. It was delicious!

I have no idea if these thing are connected, but they all seem pretty weird. The one I can cope with the most is the retro part. Sometimes, a gaze backward leaves you with a sense of steadiness and only then are you able to move forward with a full strength pace. I hope I don't speak in riddles and make myself look like a clown.

One artist which I've fallen in love with is Pauline, a Swedish dark skinned artist which I discovered at the Eurovision Song Contest. Her voice is like creamy chocolate, oh I can't get enough of it. Please, take a moment to enjoy her jolly attitude:

Jonathan's Swedish School: Eurovision Song Contest is, like the name says, an annual competition here in Europe where each country participate with a song representing them. I personally love the whole Eurovision-franchise, and so do Sweden (we and Malta are the ones who arrange big events during the contest). It's worth mentioning that it's the biggest song competition in the world. Sorry, USA, your MTV has nothing against our over 50-year-old tradition! Suck on that one.

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  1. Big ups to Pauline, Lover her. Keep it up, I'll be around.

  2. creamy chocolate indeed! thanks. following :)

  3. Retro has been in for a while! Shopping at thrift stores not only saves a bunch of money, but also they have the best retro clothing.

  4. Fan va snygg du är på bilden!!!! :D /Sandra H ;)


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