17 okt. 2010

A guild of magic

I take pride in my reading, writing and admiration of proper art. When I was younger I thought that was equal to a techno-hater,. Oh how I was wrong, because I found a game which combines my interests and more!

You have to look hard to find a game who is Guild Wars equal in beauty and art. Soon the sequel, Guild Wars 2, is going to be released. I can't wait!

Anyone else who plays GW?

8 kommentarer:

  1. nice... hope it is so great like it seems for now :D

  2. I heard Aion is pretty awesome graphics wise too.

  3. I've got Guild Wars, didn't get much into though.

  4. me :D
    and im so going to buy gw2

  5. Anyone here playing Aion? Wanna hear it from an insiders PoV

  6. cant wait for GW2 i playd aion maybe for a week (it was boring)


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